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Fighting disinformation in real-time

Cyabra reports that their patented technology helps combat deepfakes and the spread of disinformation. Read More

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Venture capital is a great thing, if you're on the inside. 

Public markets were built for IPOs, but in recent years tech companies have chosen to remain private longer, keeping significant growth opportunities in the private market, where the average investor does not have access. We're here to give individual, accredited investors access to these private investment opportunities, with the protection of our highly-selective, due diligence process. 

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Companies are now delaying their IPO until much later in their lifecycle, and individual investors have been missing out on these significant growth opportunities. 

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Featured Opportunity

Why are we investing in Cyabra?

A team of world-renowned information warfare & cybersecurity experts are pioneering the technology. Read More 

Cyabra’s solution seeks to serve the potential $6.1B disinformation-management market. Read More

Cyabra reports it is already serving clients like the US State Department. Read More

Cyabra detects disinformation and deepfakes in the billions of invaluable conversations waiting to be unraveled across social media channels. The platform’s powerful AI lens breaks through the layers within minutes to help global brands, media outlets and the public sector identify the source of disinformation and track its spread—while understanding narratives, discovering trends and reaching true audiences.

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OurCrowd curates once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to invest in pre-IPO companies and funds

At OurCrowd, we are fortunate to be able to play an important role in supporting those on the front lines of COVID-19

Memic reports that their seamless robotic surgery platform enables less invasive procedures.

ReWire is building the first international border-less banking platform for migrants.

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